Tutorial Tuesday

Valentine’s Heart String Art Template

Amanda is back!

Back from where, you might ask? Ah, back from fighting off the flu. Not fun.

What is fun is today’s TuTu project! Just in time for Valentine’s, you can make a fun piece of art. This String Art Heart is a thoughtful gift for someone this Valentine’s Day, or it makes for a great decor piece.

To make the project easier, I’ve made a printable template. Just print out the template (at the end of this article), follow along with today’s TuTu video, and craft up this fun project.

How did your heart turn out? What tissue paper and string color combinations did you use? Let me know in the comments below! You just might inspire someone else.

Happy Crafting!



How to print out the template:

  1. Click  the printer icon below
  2. Once the new windows load, select “landscape” where it says “layout”
  3. To avoid printing additional text, set to print only the second page
  4. Click “Print”
  5. Keep your fingers crossed that your printer actually works this time; mine flakes out frequently
  6. Get your printout from the printer whenever it finally decides to print
  7. Do a happy dance
  8. Finish your Valentine’s string art heart!

Heart Template:

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