Time for T-Shirts! Crochet and Knit Themes

I’m beyond excited to announce the launch of my first t-shirt lines! Yep, you can now order your very own Crafters Autonomous t-shirt.

But who wants to read about t-shirts right? Let’s see some pics!

Aw, what a cute t-shirt… wait, you haven’t seen the back yet???

Ahhh I love it! I mean, I guess I’m kinda biased, but wouldn’t a shirt like this save a whole lot of hassle when you crochet in public?

Crochet peeps, doesn’t this scenario sound familiar: you’re  crocheting in public, minding your own business, when a well-meaning stranger asks, “What are you knitting?” Yep, I know I’ve been there. I mean, I even made a video about it! Instead of trying to politely educate the masses with an answer no one understands, let your shirt do the talking! This fun design is sure to make the wearer – and those who want to comment on your crafting – smile.

Now, if t-shirts aren’t your thing or green isn’t your color, don’t worry! You’ve got options. For example, this bright pink hoodie:

Each apparel item comes in multiple colors, so if you see a style you like but don’t care for the color shown, there’s still hope!

Now, perhaps you are the ultimate crocheter, and only wear clothes you make. While that’s a little strange, I won’t judge. Oh, and I’ve got an option for you: a fun mug!

These would also make perfect gifts for the crafters in your life. I mean, even if you crochet all your own clothing you still need to stay hydrated right?

Now, perhaps you think the design is cute, maybe clever even, but see one tiny problem… you don’t crochet. You knit. *disappointed sigh*

Well, I can’t approve of your life choices, but I still have a design just for you. 😉

Of course, I’m just teasing; I love all my crafters whether they knit, crochet, both, or neither! But those of you who do knit or crochet…

Why not buy a shirt?


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