Temporary Hot Glue Hack-Easily Remove Later

Hey Crafters! I’m always playing around with my different crafting supplies, and every now and then I hit on a new way to use something I’ve had for a long time. My most recent inspiration? I thought up a new way to use a hot glue gun!

This hack is something I’ve applied before, but never saw the applications all the way through. Hot glue is appealing as an adherent because it strongly holds together a variety of materials. Felt, pom-poms, glass, plastic, you name it!

Something I’ve also noticed about hot glue, however, is it doesn’t hold as strongly to some surfaces as it does to others. Normally, this would be a negative feature of a glue. I mean, the point of glue is to stick things together, right?

This set my wheels spinning, and I soon came up with this idea. Why not use hot glue as a temporary, easily removable adherent? With my Disney trip still fresh on my mind, I was thinking about sunglasses, Ariel, and seashells. Why not combine all three? What if I had wanted Ariel-themed sunglass for my trip? I could craft this up without needing to buy a new pair of sunglasses! How?

With this hack, I can hot glue seashells to any pair of sunglasses I already have when I want to wear my Ariel outfit, and then return my glasses to normal afterwards!


Here’s the video explaining the hack:

Next time I wear my Ariel outfit, I will quickly whip-up a pair of matching glasses using this hack! Best of all, once the day is over, I can return my sunglasses back to normal.

Can you think of other application for this hot glue hack? What temporary decorations will you put on your sunglasses? Comment below!

Happy Crafting!


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