Any Size Santa Hat | Free Crochet Pattern!

The holidays are in full swing! Although it’s final exam week for me, I’m still getting into the holiday spirit. I’ve jammed to Mariah Carey with family, decorated the house, and, of course, crafted up tons of Christmas projects!

In case you don’t know, I’m doing a Countdown to Christmas series. This means I’m posting a YouTube Christmas video every single day all the way until Christmas! It’s a big undertaking, but I’ve already had a blast bringing you the first videos of the 25 I’ll be doing all together.

However, just because the series didn’t start until December 1st doesn’t mean I waited until December to start the Christmas crafting. In fact, I don’t even wait until after Thanksgiving! By about mid-October, Christmas is already on my mind.

Yeah, I’m one of those people. 🙂

Anyways, all that to say: even though I started a Christmas video series on December 1st, I have some Christmas crafting videos that came out before this month. One example? A project specially for my crochet peeps.

Yes, it’s a crochet Santa hat! What says Christmas is here better than the iconic red hat of the big man himself?

Now, last year I crocheted a mini Santa hat for my sister’s Captain America Pop figurine. I became somewhat frustrated with the project on my first attempt, because I started working from the bottom. My chain wasn’t quite the right size, so the hat looked a little stretched when Cap was wearing it. Additionally, decreasing stitches at the very tippy top of the hat was a struggle.

So, this year I put my thinking cap on (no pun intended 😉 ) and experimented with some better ways to crochet a Santa hat. I’m super happy with the results!

The method I came up with is worked from the top down. This is super convenient for a few reasons. First, you can make the hat any size you want. Want to make it smaller? Only work a few rows. Want to make it ginormous? Just keep repeating the pattern until it’s the size you like!

Additionally, it’s nice because you don’t need to worry about joining those decreases when you reach the peek. Starting at the top allows for more consistent tops to the hats.

Lastly, it’s super customizable. In the video tutorial, I explain briefly how to adjust the beginning round for different results. Simply work more stitches in the first round if you want the hat to get wider faster or work less stitches in the first round if you want a longer hat.

So, enough talking about this amazing any size Santa hat! Give the video a watch or follow along with the free crochet pattern below!

Any Size Santa Hat: Free Crochet Pattern


  • Size G crochet hook (if you are buying hooks, buy them in multipacks; it’s way cheaper!)
  • Red Heart Super Saver Yarn: Red Cherry; White (since this pattern is designed for the size to be customized, the amount of yarn you need will depend on what size you make your hat; 1 skein of each color should be plenty for most hat sizes)
  • tapestry needle
  • scissors
  • pom pom (optional; can be purchased or try making your own!)

Special Stitches:

Triangle Stitch (abr tst): this stitch is worked in two ways, one where a ch 3 acts as a dc and another with just a dc st

-ch 3 counts as dc method: ch3; in 2nd ch from hook, work sc

-dc method: dc; work sc in side loop of dc (see video for demonstration or picture guides below)

1. Find side loop of dc stitch, marked by an arrow in the pictures below

2. Insert hook into side loop

3. Yarn over, pull loop through (shown in picture); complete sc st as normal


Round 1: starting with red yarn; ch 3, sc in 2nd ch from hook (counts as first tst); work 3 more tst in first ch st; sl st to join round (4 tst total) ***see note about Round 1 below ***

Round 2:  work ch tst; dc in next st; *tst in next st, dc in next st* repeat from * to * three times total; sl st to join round (8 sts total; 4 tst, 4 dc)

Round 3: work ch tst; dc in next 2 sts; *tst in next st, dc in next 2 sts* repeat from *to* three times total; sl st to join round (12 sts total; 4 tst, 8 dc)

Round 4: work ch tst; dc in next 3 sts; *tst in next st, dc in next 3 sts* repeat from *to* three times total; sl st to join round (16 sts total; 4 tst, 12 dc)

Repeat this process, working 4 tst in every round and increasing the number of dc in between tst each round, until diameter of hat bottom is desired size

2nd to last round: ch 3; evenly work dc in each st around; sl st to join round

Last round: in white yarn, work floating dc into first st of round, evenly work dc in each st around; sl st to join round

*** note concerning Round 1*** This is where you determine how wide or narrow the overall shape of the hat will be. To make a narrower and therefore longer hat, work less triangle stitches in the first round. To make a wider and therefore shorter hat, work more triangle stitches in the first round.

I hope you enjoy this free pattern to crochet Any Size Santa Hat! As always, leave any questions or comments below. 🙂

Happy Crafting!


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