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Requested Tutorial: Hot Glue Phone Case

Do you need a new phone case? I’ve got just the trick for you!

While you could buy a case, why not get crafty and make your own? The perfect material: hot glue.

I’ve seen this idea floating around before, and I’ve always been a little… well skeptical, to be honest. The videos and pictures I’d watched seemed either too perfect to be true (which many of them were) or else not something I would want my phone to stay in. However, I’m really happy with how the hot glue phone case I made turned out! The flexible yet soft case holds your phone while adding a touch of personality.

Follow along to make your own!

While I won’t be using my hot glue phone case (because I paid too much for the case I have now! 😉 ), it was fun to make this unique, personalized case. Another great thing about this tutorial is it can be customized for any phone! I and others in my family have had phones that got old enough we could not find cases for them anywhere. If that’s the boat you’re in but don’t feel like buying a new phone yet, why not make a case?

How will you design your phone case? Tell me in the comments below!

Happy Crafting!


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