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PVC Candy Cane Jumbo Decoration | Easy DIY

It’s crazy to think Thanksgiving is only one week away!  Since the holidays are here, it’s time to think about decorations. How about making a fun PVC Candy Cane for your front yard? While you’re at it, why not make a whole forest!

The trick for this tutorial is a simple heat gun.

It was loads of fun to soften the PVC. Normally, PVC is barely flexible. Once it’s heated, though, it becomes crazy soft. It’s like starting with uncooked spaghetti and ending up with floppy noodles.

There’s a funny story how I got the heat gun. Technically it’s my dad’s, and I only recently learned about heat guns. At a job site, his coworker, who lives out of state, left behind the heat gun shown in the video. My dad was told he could keep it, since it would cost just as much to ship as to buy a new one. So, now we have a heat gun!

This project was my first time using it actually. My dad has used it on some other PVC projects and that’s when I got the idea for the candy canes. Let’s be honest: as fun as it is to decorate for Christmas, decorating takes a lot of work. I like decorations that are easy to make, easy to display, and even easier to clean up once the season is over.

Fortunately, the PVC candy cane fits the bill. They were a blast to make, despite the weather problems, and I love how they give the yard that “extra” factor.

I didn’t explain this part in the video, but they are really easy to put in your yard. Since we had some pieces of rebar on hand, I drove stakes of rebar into the ground and slid the PVC candy cane onto it.

Don’t feel like you have to go out and buy rebar, though. You could use any kind of stick, stake, or post as long as you can stand it in the ground and slide the PVC candy cane onto it.

This makes the decoration incredibly versatile. As long as you can put a stake in the ground, you can display a PVC candy cane!

I have four completely finished, but hopefully I’ll find the time to make more. Even if I can’t complete more before the holiday rush starts in full swing, I hope you can easily make this tutorial!

Happy Crafting!


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