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More Post Crochet Stitches: Back Post & Tips

Looking to expand your crochet stitch repertoire? I’ve got you covered!

As I shared in my video teaching how to front post double crochet, I love this stitch because it opens a whole new world of texture. Ironically, this was also the first stitch I taught myself.

However, I quickly ran into problems. I could picture patterns in my head, but couldn’t make them work. The challenging aspect of post crochet stitches is only one side of the work gets the texture. Fortunately, there’s also a back post double crochet.

When these two stitches are worked together, turning the crochet work won’t mess up whether you are at the front or back of the work. Using both these stitches, you can keep your pattern on one side of the work.

For several years, I was content using front post and back post stitches in the most basic way. However, when I researched how to crochet cables, the lightbulb went off. Front post and back post stitches can be worked in almost any part of the stitch you can imagine!

To get your wheels of creativity turning, I’ve put together another video showcasing three different tips on how to crochet front post stitches. Similarly, these ideas can be applied to back post stitches also.

I hope these new stitches and ideas help you with your projects!

Happy Crafting!


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