Plarn Tote Bag Pattern

If you keep up with my YouTube channel, you may have seen my videos explaining how to make a plarn tote bag. However, I know some prefer a written pattern over a video tutorial. So, I’m letting you have both!

As shown in the video, the bag is worked as a long rectangle. It is then folded in half, seamed up the sides, and given handles.



In first color, ch 24

Row 1: Skip 3 ch (turning ch counts as 1st stitch here and throughout), dc in 4th dc and in each ch across (22)

Row 2: Ch 3, dc across (22)

Row 3: Ch 1, sc across (22)

Rows 4-5: Ch 3, dc across (22)

Row 6: Ch 1, sc across (22)

Rows 7-9: Repeat rows 4-6 one time

Rows 10-15: Using second color, repeat rows 4-6 two times

Rows 16-18: Using first color, repeat rows 4-6 one time

Rows 19-20: Repeat rows 4-5 one time

Row 21: Using second color, repeat row 6

Rows 22-23: Repeat rows 4-5 one time

Rows 24-26: Repeat rows 21-23 one time

Rows 27-35: Repeat rows 21-23 three times

Fasten off

Fold bag in half long ways. Keeping sides aligned evenly, use tapestry needle to whip stitch sides together with plarn or fishing line.


Using desired color, sl st around 5th dc from seam at top. Ch 12, or to desired handle length. Sl st in 12th ch from previous sl st. Fasten off.

Repeat on opposite side for second handle

And there you go! A simple pattern to put your plarn to work.

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Reach for your dreams and keep crafting!



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