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Plarn Project: Easy Summer Tote Bag

Heading to the beach? I’m going in a few weeks, but I have been to the lake several times this summer. No matter where your summer adventures take you, you probably needed some kind of tote bag.

Let’s be honest: you can never have too many tote bags. We have a closet full of bags of every size, shape, color and style. And yet, we still use them all. Each has it’s own perfect function.

So, if you’ve been saving plastic bags and making plarn, here’s a great project idea: a plarn tote bag!

I love plarn bags because they are durable, customizable, and easy maintenance. Near the water? Not a big deal! Plarn isn’t damaged if it gets wet and it dries quickly. In the sand? Just hose the bag down!

So far, this bag has seen the lake multiple days. Trust me: you can never have too many bags on a pontoon boat. Sure, there might be only five of us on the boat, but by time you factor in life jackets, food, drinks, food, towels, food… well, you get the idea. There’s lots of things to bring on the boat.

If we didn’t have bags and containers to hold all our gear down, Mom’s glasses, Dad’s sun shirt, my phone, and many other items might find themselves flying overboard. So, a simple plarn bag does the trick!

The nice part is this bag is quickly crocheted. The pattern only calls for double crochet and single crochet stitches. (Also, keep an eye out for a written pattern coming soon!) To sew the bag, I teach the simple whip stitch. I like this method of sewing up the sides because it’s easy and can be used in many additional projects. Plus, it creates a strong seam.

In part 1, I explain how the body of the bag is made.

Then, follow part 2 to assemble the bag!

Now that you know the basics of crocheting a plarn bag, try expanding on the idea! Maybe, make the rectangular body of the bag with fancier stitches. Or change the bag dimensions. The modifications are almost endless!

What are you waiting for? Get out your crochet hook and get to work!

Comment below and tell me where you will take your plarn bag.

Happy Crafting!


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