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Plarn Plus: How to Spin, Use All Scraps, and Hook Sizes

Started making some plarn, yet?

If so, you should watch this video to get to the next step! Sure, you can loop the loops together. But what if you want to spin your plarn? Or what should you do with all those scraps, like the handles and bottoms of bags? And if you’re supposed to crochet with this stuff, wouldn’t it be good to know what hook size???

Okay, you might not be asking those questions, but that’s about what I was thinking after I’d cut my first plastic bag and looped together some plarn.

What next?

Don’t worry! With a bit of diligence and creativity, I’ve uncovered the answers to your burning questions!

Okay, I already admitted they were my burning questions, but hopefully these tips will benefit you too! 🙂 

Now it’s time to make your first project! Why not jump in on your own and see what you can think up?

Still not certain about this whole plarn thing? Keep an eye out for coming videos with plarn project ideas and inspiration.

Which tip did you find most helpful? Comment below!

Happy Plarning and Crafting!


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