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More Pretty Shells!

In last week’s Tutorial Tuesday, I share a method I recently discovered to clean shells! My parents came back from a beach trip with many beautiful cockle shells, angle wings, whelks, and some shells my family calls “belly button shells.” 🙂

I was in awe of the beautiful shells, but was piqued when my dad told me there was a method to make them even more amazing. We tried the method and got great results!

Watch below to see how you can make your own shells pop!

Shells are great for DIY and crafting projects. You can decorate with them, use a cockle shell as a soap dish, or make a wall mural. With freshly cleaned shells, you can make your crafting and DIY projects pop!

As promised in the video, I have more pics of shells that I’ve cleaned. I’m super happy with the results!

Before cleaning, this whelk had lovely orange hues. But afterwards…

…the clarity and detail was stunning! No longer did the shell have a faded, dusty appearance. I love the way it showcases the Fibonacci sequence of the shell’s spiral. (Can you say, “nerd!!!”) I’m also very happy with how the side of the shell improved also. In the before pic, the side doesn’t have much color or pattern. But in the after pic, you can clearly see the ribbing and detail of the shell’s color!

Here’s some close-ups of a clam that underwent a dramatic transformation! It’s amazing how this process brings out the rich purple and oranges and clears up some of the spots. I’m not normally a fan of the color purple, but this shell makes it look stunning!

While this whelk’s transformation wasn’t as dramatic as some of the others, it was too cute not to share. 🙂 What I like about this one is that in the before pictures it appears chalky. However, once I cleaned it, it really added that nice shine and dimension to the shell. The cleaned whelk almost has a glassy look.

When I find the time, I am going to cover these shells in a glaze. This way, the nice sheen that appears when the shells are wet will always stay, and augment the colors even more!

*Update* I’ve sprayed the shells with polyurethane, and put together the following video. I’m so happy with the results!

When you go to the beach this summer, keep an eye out for pretty shells. Then, comment and share how the cleaning process worked for your shells and what you will use them for.

Happy Crafting!


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