A Fun Project to Use Your Shells: Make Shell Critters!

Am I the only one missing summer? Surely I can’t be the only one.

Don’t get me wrong; I LOVE fall. And, with these insane hurricanes and storm systems coming through, the air outside has a crisp chill to it. However, don’t you miss the pre-hurricane days of summer when responsibilities were low and the temperature was high?

Technically, it’s still summer. However, we all know summer is over once school begins. Want to relive those summer memories one last time?

Pull out your seashell collection! Yes, that’s right, I have one last shell project for you.

In the video below, I assemble four adorable shell critters. I’d like to tell you “I made this critter, and this critter, and that critter, and this critter.” Unfortunately, I’m not entirely sure what kind of critters I made. The turtle is an obvious one. However, my would-be-bunny strikes me as more of a fox. And the one I was making into a horse? It still looks like a horse, but it has potential to be any of a number of critters.

Hopefully, what stood out to you about these shell critters is you can’t mess them up.

I mean, there’s always a possibility, but it’s a far stretch. The only way I think you could “mess up” when you make this is if you were to hot glue yourself to the table, or like the glue doesn’t work or something weird. But seriously, any way your critter turns out will be awesome.

These critters are abstract enough to be extremely forgiving. Besides, if it doesn’t turn out the way you were planning, you can always pop the shells apart or turn it into something else, like I did with my bunny-turned-fox. (And yes, an annoyingly catchy song is now stuck in my head too.)

Anyways, I hope this video inspires you to create something new out of your shells. Also, don’t forget to watch this video to learn how I made the shells shiny in the end.

Happy Crafting!


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