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Jewelry Dresser DIY

In my last blog post, I shared some projects I hoped to accomplish in the upcoming weeks. Since I was finishing up exams, I didn’t make much progress at first on these projects. Fortunately, I’m done with exams and on summer break!

With the extra time, I’ve been able to do more crafting. I’ve crocheted a few projects, whipped up a big batch of plarn, and finally updated my dresser!

Now, you have to understand some things. First, I share a bedroom with my older and younger sisters. I know, might sound a little strange, but it’s actually quite nice. Growing up, I always shared a bedroom with my older sister and never minded it. Then, when my younger sister was old enough to also share a room, we convinced our parents to turn the upstairs bonus room into a giant bedroom for us girls.

My dad was very gracious and gave up his office, which had been in the bonus room, and we turned the room into our bedroom. Since it’s situated at the corner of the house, we have windows on two sides, giving us an awesome view to the outdoors. To maximize the space even more, we have a pair of loft beds in the room.

So, while you might not think sharing a room with siblings is a great idea, hopefully you get the idea that it’s actually pretty awesome. Besides, it forces us to get along right? 😉

That’s the first thing you need to understand about this dresser upgrade. The second thing to understand is my relationship with each of my sisters. My older sister and I are only 16 months apart, so we’ve always been each other’s playmate. This was awesome growing up because we always had someone to go along with out genius ideas… which inevitably meant the other sibling probably went along with some of the not-so-genius-ideas too since neither of us knew better.

We were both fairly crafty and had quite interesting tastes in room decor. For instance, what better place to put glow-in-the-dark, foam, star-shaped stickers than all over our furniture? Center a bright yellow star on the top drawer of the chest, stack three of them and put them on the bunk bed ladder, and, of course, we definitely needed some to go on the dresser.

Christmas and birthdays were another time when we were particularly vulnerable to odd decor choices. While opening presents is always fun, an additional joy came before the package was even opened if there was a bow or ribbons on top. Yes, we though gift bows and ribbons would be the perfect addition to our dresser. So, we grabbed a roll of scotch tape and affixed bows and ribbons all over the frame of our dresser mirror. But who can blame us, right? Gift bows and ribbons are awesome!

In fact, I even have one that came with a battery and lights up. Since it’s so special, I think I only turned the fiber-optic lights on a total of five times over the years because I was afraid of wearing out the battery. Maybe one of these days I’ll check if the light still works.

Now, what does this have to do with jewelry? I’m getting there, don’t worry. The end result of our interesting decor choices when we were younger is that today there are bows, stickers, ribbons, and even little wax decorations attached all over the frame of the mirror on our dresser. I know, I know, we could take them off, but there’s two problems with that. First, they’re a little sentimental to me, as cheesy as it sounds. And second, even if they weren’t, they leave behind goo when we’ve replaced some of them. The goo does come off after a ton of scrubbing and scraping, but the wood underneath is discolored… so yeah, we get to choose between sentimental bows and ribbons or weird, gross, yellow blotches all over the wood. Can you guess which we chose?

Now, there’s one last detail I haven’t shared yet, and that is my younger sister. She’s awesome-crazy, energetic, her own little kind of sparkling firecracker. Her biggest flaw? She’s not efficient. I don’t know how she does it, but she can take any task and make it ten times as long. Take this common chore for instance. How do you unload the dishwasher? I dry the dishes and put them away. But not my younger sister.

First, she has to fold the towel a very specific way. She likely gets distracted during this process and rearranges the magnets on the fridge. Eventually, she actually takes the first dish out of the dishwasher. But one cannot simply dry off the dish. Instead, she has to prop her elbows on the counter for this clearly strenuous task and slowly move the towel back and forth. Finally, she’s ready to put the dish away in the cabinet. It’s not enough to carry it to the cabinet and put it away like the average person would. Oh no. That’s not nearly exciting enough.

On a good day, she will try to balance it on her head to carry it. On a typical day, she will invent some new, unexplainable process. Maybe she grabs a spatula to carry the dish to the cabinet. Or, she will grab two books off the bookshelf, grab the dish between the books, and carry it like that to put it away. Or, she will carry it in her hands like a civilized individual but first walk a couple laps around the house before heading to the cabinet where it belongs. (Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating just a little bit… 😉 )

I think that gives a pretty good idea of some of her quirks. I guess the inefficient aspect is an outflow of her spontaneous, fun personality, and I’m glad she’s just the way she is. But, it does also mean clean-up in the bedroom can be a difficult process. The dresser is a particular pitfall. It’s the first thing you encounter when entering the room, and the flat surface makes it the perfect place to set things down momentarily.

Except stuff never stays there momentarily. Nope. More stuff gets added and never removed, and it naturally overflows to my side of the dresser too. Once in a blue moon, I convince (read force) her to clean the dresser, and I discover there actually is a dresser under all the stuff. But it inevitably piles up again.

And finally, this brings us to the project I’m sharing. This combination of sharing a room and our different personalities has slowly turned the dresser into an eyesore. Oh, did I mention only half of the dresser’s back is a mirror? The other half is a cork board. This faced the fate of the rest of the dresser and has been covered for quite some time in the most interesting items. Combine the cluttered cork board, bows, and piles of stuff and you get a pretty good idea of what our dresser looked like.

It desperately needed an update.

I wanted to do something about the craziness of this particular piece of furniture, but I lacked inspiration. Finally, I thought of a very practical solution to fix the current problems: turn the cork board into a jewelry display!

This DIY was both very functional and fashionable. Once I finished this project, I said goodbye to tangled necklaces and mixed up earrings. Also, I’ve said goodbye (at least momentarily) to the piles of stuff on the dresser. After all, if you need to get to your jewelry but piles of your stuff blocks it, you start feeling the effects of the mess too. Lastly, I think it was a creative way to maintain the integrity of the dresser’s unique, playful style.

In the end, this project was something I should have done long ago, and I’m really excited about how it turned out! Maybe you will find inspiration from this project to make your own jewelry display or to update an eyesore piece of furniture.

What was your favorite part of the update? Comment below!

Happy Crafting!


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