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Hitting the Brakes: How to Finish Off a Crochet Project

Hey crafters! So far you have learned so much, and I’m so proud of your hard work! In my latest video, I explain the last step of any project: how to finish it.

When you get to the end of a project, you need to do two things: stop the project from unravelling and hide the tail end that is left. These steps go by many names, like “fastening off,” “binding off,” or simple “finishing.” Regardless, if you see any of these terms, you will follow the same simple steps.

Watch below to learn how to finish off a crochet project.

You now know all the basics of crochet! *virtual fist bump* Keep practicing these techniques, and in no time you will be crocheting fast and skillfully. Now, go out there and find a new project to crochet!

Happy crafting!


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