Tutorial Tuesday

Happy Halloween! (aka “It’s Suddenly Okay to Accept Candy from Strangers”)

Happy Halloween, crafters!

Today is such a strange concept. It’s almost magical. It’s the one day playing dress-up isn’t just for kids, everyone can take candy from strangers, and no one thinks twice about cutting a vegetable into a hollow face and putting a candle inside. Weird, right?

In preparation for the sugar frenzy that happens tonight, I thought up some projects using  candy wrappers. There’s something beautiful about coming home with a bag full of candy and seeing the bright colors of the wrappers. Why not preserve that colorful collage?

With these three projects, you can!

As you enjoy the rest of today, stay safe and be creative! Personally, I like this day more because of what comes after it.

Tomorrow I will officially begin listening to Christmas music, and no one can judge me. Yep, it’s turkey time, and Christmas time, and the magic will only grow as the weeks continue!

Make sure you stay tuned for more crafting ideas for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Happy Crafting!


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