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Growing Up: Two Ways to Crochet Multiple Rows of the Double Crochet Stitch

For most crochet projects, multiple rows of stitches must be worked. Really, the only thing that can be made with one long row of stitches is, well, one long row of stitches! 😛

Have no fear! There is nothing holding you back from crocheting multiple rows except for lack of know-how. Really, the concept is easy; once you have completed the first row, go up to the next row by crocheting a turning chain, turn the work, and stitch across. The “how” can be a little more confusing.

Don’t worry though. The two main methods aren’t hard to grasp, and each creates unique looks. And, if you are using a pattern when making a project, the instructions will be step-by-step for one method or the other, so you won’t  need to worry about figuring out which to do.

Give this video a watch to start mastering working in rows.

Go, you! Now that you can chain, single crochet, and double crochet, plus know how to crochet multiple rows, you know all the basics of crochet! Right now, it may not seem like much. How can these stitches create all the amazing projects you see online? The two things you have yet to learn is how to combine stitches for different textures and how to read patterns.

Patterns combine stitches in a myriad of ways to create an almost infinite number of projects. And these three stitches you’ve learned are the ones most commonly used! In my next blog post, I will share a pattern for a basic crocheted hot pad or dishrag and walk you through how to read the pattern. Then, I’ll share a video showing techniques to end the project and hide the tails of yarn.

Once you learn how to read patterns and end a project, you will have fully opened the door leading to the wonderful world of crochet.

Happy crafting!


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