Tutorial Tuesday

Epic Paper Chain American Flag DIY!

I’m super pumped about this week’s Tutorial Tuesday! Why? Because it’s the 4th of July, America’s Independence Day!

Since this holiday lined up with Tuesday, it only made sense that I do a patriotic tutorial today!

Every year, my sisters and I make a giant paper chain American flag for our 4th of July get together. While it took years to perfect the flag design, the flag itself is easy to make. Still, when guests start arriving for the cookout, there’s always a handful of people who can’t believe we made it!

But don’t worry! Today I show you in clear steps how to make this flag yourself. Hopefully you will discover it’s not as daunting a project as it might first look. 🙂

Learn how to make it below!

What are you waiting for? Grab your supplies and some helpers (maybe the excited kids running?) and get to work! After all, it’s almost time for fireworks to go off right?

Comment below and tell me how your flag turned out!

Happy Crafting and Happy 4th of July!



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