Tutorial Tuesday

Easy Fall Leaf Flower Tutorial

What says fall better than fall leaves?

While it’s fun to look out the window at the beautiful colors, sometimes you want to bring a little bit of the magic indoors. With today’s tutorial, you can!

A few years back, I saw pictures of flowers and roses people had created out of fall leaves. The results were stunning! Since I’m the crafty type, I asked myself “how hard can it be?” and started crafting.

It was slightly harder than I was expecting, if I’m being honest. Some of the methods I tried didn’t work as well as others, and it didn’t help I couldn’t find tutorials anywhere. Fortunately, I figured out what worked (and also lots of methods that definitely did not work) and made a nice bouquet of fall leaf flowers.

This year, I decided it was time to make more. As the video shows, saving them for three years really starts to show. 🙂

Even though my old ones look a little worse than I might like, the good news is I can always make new ones.

This is a great project for the whole family, too! Why not make a day adventure out of it? Enjoy nature while searching for the perfect, colorful leaves. Then, when you’re done outside, get crafting! I know I enjoyed making these, and I hope you will also.

Happy Crafting!


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