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Learn to Change Colors in Corner to Corner -Plus Free Pattern!

Corner to Corner crochet is HUGE right now. Technically, it’s been a big deal since it started circulating on the internet a few years back. And it’s popular for good reason.

With this technique, you can make a multitude of patterns and even pictures in your crochet project. I’ve seen some incredible projects made using corner to corner crochet.

I’m kinda of strange in a way, though. When something is popular or trending, I somehow tend to miss the initial craze. Often, I discover the idea some time later, maybe even years later. Or, I may hear about it during the initial craze but be uninterested in the idea at  the time.

That’s what happened to me with corner to corner crochet. Somehow, I didn’t find it on Pinterest when the idea was first going around. When I did discover it, I was captivated immediately. Still, I never tried the method or made any projects using it.

Finally, though, I gave it a try… and I’m hooked! (No pun intended. 😛 )

To make some fun crochet water balloons, I’d purchased a skein of Bernat Blanket yarn that was a striped cake. Since it was my first time using a cake (again, another trend I’m joining late), I wasn’t sure what other projects to try with my leftover yarn. So, I gave corner to corner crochet a try!

While I’m not finished with that blanket yet, the color variegation combined with the corner to corner technique looks awesome. This cake was a nice way to achieve color changes without changing my yarn.

But what about those fun graphgan patterns, with planned color changes? You can’t really achieve that with a striped cake. 🙂

So, time to make up a pattern, do some research, and start practicing!

I found this great article from the Make & Do Crew that started me in the right direction to changing colors. From there, I played around with my particular pattern, and worked through the best ways to change color for this 2-tone motif.

While the video showed the best ways to change color when crocheting this pattern specifically, the same concepts can be applied to any corner to corner project. Hopefully, these help you feel better prepared to tackle some bigger C2C projects!

What pattern will you crochet that uses multiple colors? Comment below!

Happy Crafting!


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