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Corner to Corner (C2C) Crochet Explained

Hey crafters! Got any great projects you’re working on? I have a couple, one of which is a crochet blanket. I’m using a special method called Corner to Corner.

I thought others might be interested in learning this method, so this week’s Tutorial Tuesday focuses on that! As I so eloquently put it in the video, corner to corner crochet is a method in which you work corner to corner! …Okay, that doesn’t really explain much.

Think of it like a piece of graph paper from high school geometry days. 

Each of those blocks represents a turning chain and 3 double crochet stitches. Since each block can be a different color, images can be created in the grid. Think of each block like a pixel on a computer screen. Combine a bunch of different colored pixels and you get a picture!

Now about the name itself, corner to corner… let’s figure out what that means.

If you look at the grid now, I’ve added some nice arrows and color coded them. The project is started in the green corner and ends at the red corner. Instead of working back and forth in squared rows like normal, think of each arrow of blocks being a row. So, in the first row, the green arrow, you work one block. In the second row, the blue arrow to the left of the green arrow, you work two blocks. Third row has three blocks, fourth row has four blocks, etc. When you are increasing, labeled with blue arrows, you always add on more block to your row.

The purple arrows represent the decreasing rows. While you begin the row with a  slightly different method, you still crochet blocks to make your row. And finally, you reach the last row of only one block, the red arrow, and you are done!

To sum up, you start in the green corner, work rows back and forth, and end in the red corner. Hence, you work corner to corner!

Now that you have a little bit of knowledge in your belt, watch the video below to learn how to work a corner to corner project.

I hope this video helps you and inspires you!

What will you make? Comment below.

Happy Crafting!


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