Tutorial Tuesday

Millefiori Clay Pumpkin Project

Are you ready for fall? I am! And I’ve got a project this week that will get you in the fall season too!

Today’s project is a polymer clay millefiori pumpkin. I’ve already seen pumpkins for sale at the grocery stores. And last month I saw an add for a pumpkin spice food, LAST MONTH!!!

Let’s be real for a minute: as much as I like pumpkins and pumpkin spice, some foods do not need to be pumpkin flavored. The pumpkin spice Cheerios last year were quite a stretch. I’m a little scared what new pumpkin spice foods will come out this year.

So, while some of the extreme pumpkin spice trends aren’t that great, pumpkins themselves are never unwelcome. While it’s a little early for the pumpkin spice craze, it’s the perfect time to prep for fall decorations before the insanity of the holidays crashes in.

This week’s video builds on some methods I shared last week. I really love the way the patterned clay canes add unique character to the clay pumpkin. Follow the tutorial below!

I’m so in love with this pumpkin! Every year, I decorate a bookshelf with fun fall trinkets. Can’t wait to add this pumpkin to the shelf!

Comment below and share how you will design your pumpkin!

Happy Crafting!


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