Make Beaded Crochet Earrings; Easy Pattern

On my YouTube channel, I recently had a request asking for an easy tutorial on how to crochet around hoop earrings and add beads. So, I grabbed my supplies, tried different methods, and came up with a pattern for these adorable, beaded crochet earrings!


Red Heart classic crochet thread (featured color peacock)
Boye size 7 crochet hook
8 seed beads size 6/0
*2 hoop earrings
*2 earring hooks
*Needle threader
*Needle nose pliers

*Although not the exact kind I used, these products are very similar and have great reviews.

I love how playful these beaded crochet earrings are. Plus, simply changing the color of the thread or beads can give the basic pattern a whole new look!

Keep an eye out for video tutorials to be posted soon!

Happy Crafting!



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