Apples, Tea, and Crochet!

Hey Crafters! This past weekend I went on a day trip with the ladies group at my church, and I wanted to share my adventures with you!

We started the morning off with a trip to an apple orchard. While I’m not a huge fan of apples themselves, I love the smell of apple orchards. Fortunately, the weather actually felt like fall! It’s been too warm for my liking lately, but the air was cool and clear all day.

Of course, I had to get the obligatory picture with my face in the cut-outs. I’m not as small as I once was, and I don’t think they had 19 year olds in mind when they made these fun apples. Needless to say, I got a great lower body workout from bending down for the picture. 😉

After we ate donuts, drank delicious warm apple cider, and loaded our bags of apples into the van, we headed back down the mountain for our next stop: a tea shop!

The place was absolutely adorable! I felt like I was entering an alternate reality. What stood out to me the most before I even stepped inside was the attention to detail. Nothing was overlooked, and every aspect added something to the atmosphere of the shop.

Not only was the place super cute, everything tasted amazing. Now, I did gorge on donuts and apples while at the orchard, but I was ready for a stout lunch by time we got there. Now, if you’ve never been to a tea shop, you eat light dainty foods. So I was skeptical whether I would be full or not. But those cucumber sandwiches…  Let’s just say I did not leave hungry at all.

The tea was awesome, and as you may have gathered, I loved the cucumber sandwiches. Which is ironic because I’m not a fan of cucumbers. However, my favorite treats were the scones. Topped with a little lemon curd, the scones were heavenly.

As I mentioned before, the decor was so well thought out! Even the bike was upgraded with a simple flower basket. And luckily, I was coordinated enough to not knock the bike over when taking this picture. I almost knocked it over, but, hey, I didn’t!

Inside, the same consistency to detail was shown. Plus, look at those teacups! To be honest, I was afraid just breathing would break the dishes, but they were sturdier than their delicate design might suggest.

However, the crocheted pieces convinced me the interior decor was truly something special. On top of the front counter, which was a wooden slab on a creatively repurposed media cabinet, this long table runner cast a beautiful backdrop behind the teas and dishes displayed at the counter.

This lovely dress form also caught my eye. I love the delicate crochet work at various parts!

It’s so tiny! Someone put a lot of work and dedication into crafting this design.

Across from the counter sat a bench with a pillow. While the pillow was simply rectangular and white, this nice doily pattern added an extra touch of finesse.

Here’s one last view of the front interior of the shop. I had such an enjoyable experience there and would recommend A Southern Cup to anyone.

After a long day, I came home to another pleasant surprise. My mom found one of my missing crochet hooks while cleaning the van! This is proof my mom is better than yours. 😉

Also, watch today’s TuTu to see how I scored on two pumpkins! It was the perfect end to a wonderful day.

Happy Crafting!


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