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How to Change Yarn Colors at End of Rows

Throwback post! I know, it’s not a Thursday, but we’re gonna go with it anyways. 🙂

When crocheting, it’s nice to use multiple colors. It adds and extra “wow!” factor to your projects, and fortunately can be quickly mastered. Besides, there’s so many beautiful skeins of yarn in the world, you’ve gotta try crocheting with them all.

The first way to change colors is when you are working even edges. Changing color at the end of the row is great for creating stripes and adding borders. However, you have to know how to do so.

So, give this video a watch, and learn how to change yarn color at the end of your row!

Confession: this post was never intended as a throwback post. And besides, the original video wasn’t posted super long ago anyways. Apparently I started working on this article and maybe, just maybe, got a little distracted. Come on, why sit in front of a computer screen when you have crafting to be done? Anyways, this article never actually got published when I meant for it to, so instead I’m playing it off like I meant to do this.

Except not really because I’m telling y’all I messed up. Whatever. If you read this far, then you can know the truth. And those who stopped reading before the video can be left in the dark.

Enough rambling. This summer heat must be getting to me! If you bothered to read all the way to the bottom, comment below and tell me what your summer plans are!

Happy Crafting!


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