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Going in Circles: How to Crochet in the Round

Have you made a hot pad yet? If you have or have been practicing different stitches, you might be getting tired of making squares and rectangles. That’s all scarves and hot pads are anyways: squares and rectangles. Maybe you are wondering “can I make any other shapes???”

Fortunately, yes.

My latest video teaches you how to “Crochet in the round.” Can you guess what shape that will be? Yep, a trapezoid. 😉 Just kidding; it makes a circle, hence the “in the round” part. Instead of working back and forth in rows, you will work in concentric circles (think a bullseye).

Each ring of the bullseye is a row of crochet, except the row makes a circle. Cool, right?

This might sound weird and confusing at first. Trust me, if you were able to learn some basic stitches, you can easily master this new technique.

As I mention in the video, crocheting in the round has lots of applications. You can make a hat, granny square, or even stuffed animals using this technique! Now that you understand the technique of crocheting in the round, patterns that call for crocheting in the round will be a piece of cake.

Keep an eye out because I will soon post a pattern for an easy hat that applies this method. In the meantime, start practicing crocheting in the round so you will be ready when I post the patten!

Happy Crafting!


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