10 Rectangle Crochet Cat Couch Method

As I continue to rewrite the lost articles from when my blog crashed, I’m excited to share another crochet cat couch option that uses only crochet rectangles. The advantage of this method is it can be easier to customize (although there is a little bit of math involved) because the only shapes we need to crochet are rectangles. The downside is it requires a bit more sewing, but this is still a great option to make your own crochet cat couch.

If you want to check out a crochet cat couch pattern that is crocheted all in one piece, be sure to check out the blog article with the pattern as well as the full video tutorial.

To determine the size of your rectangles, you can use my exact measurements and stitch counts, or you can follow along with the video to find your custom dimensions. In this article, I’m going to focus on the patterns for the 10 rectangles I used and leave customization and assembly for the video.

I used a weight 4 yarn and a size h/5.00mm hook. For some rectangles, I use traditional crochet stitches, while for others I use Tunisian crochet stitches. The dimensions and patterns for the 10 rectangles are listed below.

Rectangle A (make 1): measures 9.25″x19.25″

work 72 rows 35 tss wide

Rectangle B (make 2): measures 1.5″x6″

work 24 rows 5 sc wide

Rectangle C (make 2): measures 1.25″x2″

work 8 rows 4 sc wide

Rectangle D (make 2): measures 1.25″x15.25″

work 62 rows 4 sc wide

Rectangle E (make 2): measures 4″x7.25″

work 15 rows 27 tss wide

Rectangle F (make 1): measures 7.25″x12″

work 27 rows 45 tss wide

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