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Ugly Christmas Sweater Crochet Along | Join the Journey!

Ugly Christmas Sweater parties are a blast. There’s food, maybe a white elephant gift exchange, and of course the most outrageous festive apparel!

Last year, I DIY’d (is that even a word???๐Ÿค”) my sweater into a Christmas tree. Other years, I’ve gone the GoodWill route to find the silliest clothing pieces secondhand. This year, I decided to take it up a level. Why not CROCHET my ugly Christmas sweater?

Now, a bit of a confession. I have a chronic condition in which I start projects and never finishing them. Granted, I doย eventually finish every project I start. But sometimes I get tired of my current project, or there’s something new and even more exciting that I justย have to start. And then my WIP pile starts to grow, and projects get forgotten.

All this to say, I’ve started several clothing projects, but had yet to finish the project and like it. I have finished a handful of sweaters and cardigans using patterns, but the end sizing didn’t turn out quite right. In particular, I have one cardigan that is so pretty and soft but on me… well, it doesn’t look quite right. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Then, there’s projects of my own design that I start but have yet to finish. Yes, I am specifically thinking of that cable sweater I started last year. Yeah, progress has been slow. I’ve had to frog the section I’m currently working on several times because I can’t get it quite right.

But then the Christmas magic made it happened. I designed a sweater AND finished it! (Why thank you, yes, the applause is appreciated.) Now, I was going for ugly Christmas sweater, but I’ve gotta be honest with ya… it’s actually really cute in a goofy sort of way! ๐Ÿ˜‚

Now, this project was a blast to make and surprisingly simple, but my favorite part is how easy it is to customize. There’s no sewing, no counting stitches, and no need for perfection because, hey, if it turns out ugly then it turns out perfect!

If you’ve followed my blog or channel for any amount of time, you’ve likely picked up that I’m a huge Christmas person. It really is the most wonderful time of the year! One of the best parts of Christmas is how contagious the festive, joyful spirit is. Naturally, I couldn’t keep this fun project to myself. So, I’ve turned this project into a four-part, video-tutorial crochet along!

This past Tuesday, I posted part 1: the hem. For some reason, I kept calling the hem “the waistband” in the video. Don’t think sweaters really have a waistband… ๐Ÿ˜„

As I mentioned earlier, this project is not worked like traditional clothing patterns, where you match your gauge and follow the pattern for your size. Nope, none of that nonsense. Instead, I show how to measure the project for yourself as we work along! This means you can adjust the sweater to look and fit exactly how you want. Which is really nice, because clothing sizes are ridiculous these days (plus, the sleeves are always to0 short on me!).

I’ll be posting the next video, how to crochet the torso, next Tuesday in place of my regular Tutorial Tuesday. Check back on my YouTube channel for it to be posted. In the mean time, start crocheting the hem! Also, check out my FaceBook page; I have a specific post for you to share your progress!

Are you going to crochet along? Comment below, and post pics on the FaceBook page!

Happy Crafting!



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