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T-shirt Tie Bag – Easy DIY Project

Hey, Crafter! Today I’m going to show you how to take a t-shirt and turn it into a bag. This project builds off the t-shirt tie pillow I showed how to make in this Tutorial Tuesday a few weeks back.

I didn’t need another pillow, but I can always use more bags! For some reason, bags, baskets, and containers make me happy. I think it’s my type-A personality showing. Gotta stay organized!

Anyways, we are going to start this project the same way we start the tie pillow in the video. However, we are only going to tie three sides together and leave the top open. When you get it to this stage, it will look something like this:

Now, we need to add handles to our bag. For my handles, I decided to use the collar piece from some t-shirts I had cut up. You could cut a long piece of t-shirt and use that as well, but I’m using the collars so they will be stronger.

I trimmed around the collar, right next to the hem, to make them neater. I didn’t mention this in the video, but cutting t-shirts can create a lot of fuzz. If you cut over a trash can, you can contain the mess. Otherwise, a vacuum will be your friend when you are done cutting.

Then, I cut them like this.

Now it’s time to attach the handles. Remember how our bag has tassels cut all the way around? We are going to tie the ends of our handles to the tassels. There are lots of knots you can use to fasten them together, but I’ll show you how I tied mine. I’m showing the knot on some scraps because those were longer, but you will tie your handle end to a tassel on the bag.

Start with your two ends overlapping. I have my right piece over the front of my left piece.

Then, fold the right piece under the other piece (see the green piece in picture above).

Cross the green piece over itself.

Lastly, tuck that tail under the overlap you just created. Grab both ends of the knotted piece and pull snug.

Now we will repeat the process and tie the left piece (blue in the pics) around the right piece (green in the pics).

I find this step easiest if I flip the entire thing over, so the criss-cross of the green knot is on the underside.

Tuck the left piece under the right piece and upwards.

Then, cross that right piece down and over itself.

Lastly, tuck that tail under the criss cross we just created. Pull on both ends of the blue piece to tigthen.

If you’ve done the knot correctly, the ends of the left piece will be pointing away from each other, as will the right piece. Each knot will be able to slide along the other piece.

Once both of our knots are tied, pull the long end of the right piece and long end of the left piece to slide the knots together. And your knot is tied!

This is what my bag looks like now that I’ve used the above knot method to attach the ends of the handle to the tassels along the top of the bag.

You can leave the tassel fringe at the top of your bag, but I decided to tie them into overhand knots. You can tie the top edge however you want or not at all.

I repeated the process to attach my second handle, and my bag was completed!

I talk about this a little in the video, but if you have a t-shirt with an image or phrase on it, you can cut your bag so that the picture will be on the side of your bag. You could even mix and match different t-shirts!

This project is a fun way to put old clothes to good use, and it would also make a great project for kids. Obviously, have an adult do the cutting if your child is too young to use scissors on their own. Fabric typically takes sharper scissors, so be careful.

This makes such a cute tote bag for books, toys, or whatever else you need to carry.

Will you try this project? Let me know in the comments!

As always, don’t forget to check out my YouTube channel and explore more posts on my blog. Happy Crafting!


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