Perfect Pouch Crochet Crossbody Bag – New Etsy Pattern

I’ve got a new pattern up on Etsy (the Perfect Pouch Crochet Crossbody Bag), but the project is actually one of my older crochet creations.

See, back in 2013, my family took a trip through Colonial Williamsburg and on to Washington D.C.

At the time, I didn’t have an iPhone, so to capture the adventure I had to use a good-old-fashioned video camera.

The whole trip, the camera barely left my hand. I think I my plan was to turn it into some epic movie of our trip, but ah… that never happened. (And I also don’t know where those clips are now 😭)

Also of note is HOW JERKY ALL THE FOOTAGE WAS!!! Imagine about ten hours of footage of someone walking throughout D.C. At every step, the camera bounces around. Oh, is something happening over there? Quick! Whip the camera in that direction, but don’t actually give the camera time to focus. Now point at the sky and the clouds moving for about ten minutes, and then spend twenty minutes filming one building. That’s basically what I captured.

I even filmed inside several of the tourist centers and exhibits. (Of course, only the ones that allowed filming.)

But one can only film so much on one battery and one sd card. So when I wasn’t filming, I was stuck carrying around this camcorder. My sister had packed her amazing Tweety Bird bag, and was gracious enough to let me borrow it. But soon, she wanted it back to carry her own items. What was I to do?!?

Well, fortunately I am a smart packer. By smart packer, I mean I brought several skeins of yarn and my crochet hooks. 😎Yeah, I’m super cool like that. So naturally, I decided to crochet a bag for myself to carry the camera. (Also, before I show you the bag, can we talked about the layered tee? Definitely a *lewk*.)

Ta-da! Wait, let’s zoom in on that a little more so you can actually see the bag.

And yes, the Washington Monument was under repair. Kinda ruins the aesthetic of the picture.

So, for the rest of the trip I used my newly-crocheted bag to carry my stuff around! In the above picture, you can see me and my bag at the Udvar-Hazy Center, an extension of the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, located in Chantilly, Virginia. That was super cool, and until you stand by the Space Shuttle Discovery you have no clue just how big it is.

The bag worked great for the camera, and I had room for a few other items, like lip balm and hair ties.

Here’s a closer look at the OG bag.

Whenever I design and write down a pattern, I like to follow the pattern to crochet a second one to make sure the pattern is free of errors. I switched up the colors a bit, and I think it is so fun!

The bag also has an extra inner flap at the top that goes inside the main closing flap. Since crochet bags have a bit of stretch to them, I didn’t want the weight of my camera to stretch the opening and fall out. When I made it for that D.C. trip, I think I was also concerned someone might try to steal the camera, so the flap was also meant to be an extra barrier against pickpockets. Because, you know, chunky video recorders were totally in big demand as smart phone sales sky-rocketed. 😂

Regardless, the flap works really well to keep everything inside the bag when it’s closed, plus it adds extra height to the bag when open so you don’t lose your items.

It’s plenty spacious for carrying essentials, like a phone, hair ties, lip balm, or lotion.

If you want to make your own Perfect Pouch Crochet Crossbody Bag, the pattern is available for download from my Etsy store! I have a few other patterns on there as well, so make sure to check out all of my shop’s listings.

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