My Crochet Projects from 2019

It’s a new year, and I’ve got lots of projects I want to tackle! But, it is nice to look back at some projects I’ve finished.

This week I’m going to share my progress on 4 projects from the past year, some that I’ve completed and some that I want to finish this year. Next week, I’ll share 3 more projects. Ready to see what I crocheted last year? Let’s go!

This first project is a cardigan I started working on a long time ago. It starts as a long rectangle and is sewn at the sides to create sleeves. Lastly, I added a border to the ends of the sleeves and edging along the bottom of the cardigan.

I’m not sure what yarn I used for this project since I picked it up from a yard sale. It is a very fine but soft light weight yarn, so I used a size B (2.25mm) hook. If you look at the picture above, you might catch my mistake where I repeated the dense row where I meant to crochet an open row. Oh well!

You may recognize this project if you watched my video on how to block crochet projects. I set the project down partway through working on it, and the hook I was using became separated from this project. When I picked it back up to finish it, I grabbed the wrong hook size. This meant one of my ends was wider than the other. To remedy this problem, I blocked the project to square it up.

I actually might tweak this cardigan a little more to make it exactly how I want. I wanted to make the back a little longer – and possibly add more edging to the sleeves – but misplaced one of my skeins of yarn. Since I purchased the yarn at a yard sale, I couldn’t buy an extra skein because I didn’t know what type of yarn it is. So I finished it off, thinking this was all the yarn I had left. But then a few weeks later what did I find?

The other skein. Of course. So, I’m thinking about making the back a little longer now that I found my missing skein.

If you are interested in making a cardigan like this, I followed a pattern from the book Crochet in Bloom by Ruthie Marks. It has several cute shrug and cardigan patterns, as well as several flower motifs to add to your projects.

This next project is one I made using yarn I bought from Lion Brand when they were running a $1 sale on online orders. You can check out my haul from that sale in this video.

The yarn I used is Lion Brand’s Thick and Quick Wool Ease in the color Parakeet. I got two skeins, each for just a buck, but wasn’t sure what I wanted to make with it. I finally settled on a basket for holding yarn. I have a pink yarn basket that I crocheted using Tunisian crochet techniques, but lately it’s been overflowing. My hope was this basket would contain the rest of my random balls of yarn.

The one downside is I made the basket too big at the base, which means the sides tend to fall inward. I’m currently in the process of frogging and re-crocheting this basket to make it narrower and taller. On the bright size, I used a large size N (10mm) hook so finishing it back up is going quickly.

On another note, I attempted to felt this basket since the yarn is 20% wool. I tried a wet-the-basket-and-throw-it-in-the-dryer technique, but the only difference it made was the fibers softened. That’s also partly why the basket is so floppy. However, I will say it washed super well, and I love how soft the yarn is.

This third project isn’t *quite* finished, but I’ve got all the pieces ready to be assembled. This also uses yarn I bought when Lion Brand was running the $1 sale. I purchased two packs of Vanna’s Palette. Each pack contains 8 skeins of Vanna’s Choice yarn in coordinating colors. I used the Iconic and Spirited color ways.

The granny square exudes that classic crochet vibe, and the colors are so fun. My plan is to finish assembling them into a little shrug, but I’m thinking I need a few more granny squares. I may use some random colors of Vanna’s Choice yarn I have on hand, or I may get another Vanna’s Palette pack to finish up this project.

To assemble the granny squares, I’m doing an invisible join. This is where you stitch just the back loops of the stitches together. This technique hides the yarn used to sew them together, but it can shift the tension of the project. To allow the same amount of stretch everywhere, I’ve been sewing it together loosely.

The last project I’m showcasing today isn’t completed yet either, but I made a lot of progress on it this past year. I’m making a jumbo plarn beach bag. While it’s not as noticeable in the pictures, in person you can see several different “stripes” of tan colors. The Publix bags have green tones, Home Depot bags have orange tones, and another set of bags (I think they came form Kroger?) have a blue tone. I didn’t intend to have mix-matched brown tones in the bag, but it does give it a fun texture.

Part of why this bag has taken so long is because I needed a lot of bags. I finally saved enough to finish it, so I’ve been motivated to get this project done! While I haven’t stringed all the bags together yet, I have cut out all my loops.

One of my favorite parts of working on a crochet bag is you get instant storage for your yarn (or plarn and plastic bag loops in this case).

Once I make the bag as tall as I want, the last big hurdle will be making and attaching handles. I have a couple of ideas, so if I find something that works well I’ll try to blog about it or make a video.

And there you have it, four crochet projects I (sorta) completed in 2019! Check back on here next week for three more projects I worked on last year.

Happy Crafting!


What projects did you crochet last year? Do you have any you plan to complete in 2020? Let me know in the comments below!

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